September 2016


To the Parents and/or Guardians of incoming 9th-grade students: 


The World Language Task Committee comprised of middle school and high school teachers has a self-nomination process for placement into the Honors Program at Pascack Hills and Pascack Valley High Schools. 


The honors program is designed for students who demonstrate a high level of ability in oral and written expression, and who are motivated to achieve an advanced level of proficiency.  In the honors program, students will be expected to achieve a strong command of the target language, which includes accurate usage of grammatical structures and extensive application of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.

Additionally, as with all other honors programs in the district, students admitted in the program are expected to "maintain a high level of academic interest and be self-motivated learners and generators of academic materials. "


In order to be considered for the Honors Spanish II, Honors French II, Honors Chinese II (Holdrum & Woodcliff Lake only) and Honors Italian II (GGW & Holdrum only) Programs at the high school:

*Students who would like to provide information about where their interests lie for their world language class selection for next year, are also welcome to fill out the Google form link below* 
1. Students MUST nominate themselves for Honors consideration.  PLEASE complete an online submission Online submissions are due by Friday, November 18th. *Online Submissions: Click on the appropriate middle school to fill out your form:
GGW        Fieldstone MS             Holdrum               Woodcliff Lake MS 
2.  Those students who have completed and submitted a self-nomination form on time should indicate on which date they will be available for the speaking (interpersonal) and written (presentational) exams. Students must come to either Pascack Hills or Pascack Valley. Students will be evaluated using a common rubric developed by the World Language Task Committee. Students will indicate via the above Google Form which high school/date they will be attending for the speaking & writing placement assessment.
Wednesday, November 30th (PH-3:30pm)         Wednesday, December 7th (PV-3:30pm)      
Saturday, December 3rd (PH-9:30am)                Saturday, December 10th (PV-9:30am)  
*will take approx. one hour to complete  
3. All incoming 9th-grade students will complete a reading and listening assessment at their middle school in January 2017 in the language they study. Exams will be administered using Google Forms, will be multiple choice and will be administered by their middle school World Language teacher. 


4. Please review this document to better understand the recommended level sequence for our students: PVR Recommended World Language Sequence
Placement into the Honors Program is based on an overall average of the interpretive, interpersonal and presentational assessments. If you have any questions or concerns about our World Language Honors Program, please feel free to call 201-358-7020 ext. 22054 or email:
Noemi Rodriguez 
District Supervisor of Instruction of World Language, ESL, Music & FACS