Information for 8th graders taking Algebra I

All students who meet a minimum standard of proficiency in Algebra I as an 8th grader will be placed in Honors Geometry or CP Geometry as freshmen. The placement process will take place as follows:

1. In January, all Algebra I students will sit for a common placement exam in their 8th grade mathematics courses. Students will also be asked to answer a few questions about their interest in mathematics and freshman course preference.

2. 8th grade teachers will use a common rubric to evaluate each student’s academic performance and assess their potential for honors placement or acceleration.

3. Students will be evaluated based on their placement exam score, teacher evaluation rubric, 8th grade mathematics class grades, and exam grades. Student responses and course preferences will also be taken into account.

4. Placement decisions will be made before the end of the school year, but they are contingent on a continuing high level of performance in mathematics class and on the 8th grade final exam.

Information for 8th graders taking Pre-Algebra

8th graders currently taking Pre-Algebra cannot enter the honors program as freshmen, but there is an alternate path for them to accelerate. If any of these students excel in Algebra I as a freshman, and communicate their interest in accelerating to their mathematics teacher, they will be considered for a double up in Geometry and Algebra II with Trigonometry as a sophomore. This would put them in a position to take Precalculus as a junior, and Calculus or an alternative elective course as a senior. 

Information for Out-of-District 8th graders

8th graders who do not attend one of the four district middle schools should contact the high school and indicate an intent to enroll. These students will receive a letter in the middle of May with information on a placement test that will be administered in mid-June. To assist in preparing for this test, students may want to sample problems from the PARCC practice test for their corresponding course (Pre-Algebra or Algebra I). Practice tests can be found at