An honors student in World Language…
-is intellectually curious.
-embraces culture.
-takes risks willingly, with the understanding that the goal is communicative proficiency, not the grade.
-enthusiastically and actively expresses his/her ideas in the target language.
-takes the initiative to practice on his/her own outside of the classroom in order to improve.
-sees the language as a way of experiencing the world and connecting with others.
-dedicates himself/herself to the study of the language with the intent of applying it outside of the classroom.
From Level I to Level II Honors (all languages)
Current students should explain their reasoning behind wanting to move from Level I to Level II Honors and apply using an online self-nomination form. Students must have maintained a 93% as their final year average or better in Level I. *A placement exam will also be administered to help determine appropriate placement. 
Incoming students from our middle schools go through a self-nomination process and placement exams are taken evaluating their reading, listening, speaking and writing abilities to enter Level II Honors. Please refer to the section labeled "8th grade Honors placement" for further information about this process. 
*We currently offer Honors II courses for Chinese, French, Italian & Spanish. 
From Level II, III or IV to Level III Honors, Level IV Honors or AP (all languages)
Although the CP & Honors World Language curriculums do differ greatly, especially when attempting to transition from Level III to Honors IV, we understand that students should be awarded the opportunity to move into an Honors track World Language class if they so choose to & feel capable. 
Just as with Level I to Honors II, interested students must first speak with their current world language teacher and parent(s) about the interest to transition into our Honors program. Next, fill out the online self-nomination form sharing why they would like to transition from CP to Honors. Throughout time in the CP language course, students should have maintained an A- average or better in the CP class. -
The World Language teacher can not approve a change in placement until students have taken the end of year exam for the prior Honors course. 
Students must successfully pass the Honors exam for the level prior, which they wish to move to. For example, Honors Spanish III requests must pass the Honors Spanish II end of year exam (which involves listening, reading, writing & speaking). The student must demonstrate mastery of the material by scoring at least an 85% or above on this final exam. Students should spend between three to four months preparing for the exam and in many cases, with a one on one tutor. 
Honors end of year exams will be administered at the end of May during Pascack Period. Requests must be submitted in writing via email to Ms. Rodriguez ( no later than March 2017, in order to be scheduled to take the exam in May 2017.  
*Pascack Hills High School- Exams scheduled during the Lunch & Pascack Period on Tuesday, May 9th & Wednesday, May 10th
*Pascack Valley High School- Exams scheduled during the Pascack Period on Tuesday, May 23rd & Wednesday, May 24th 
ONLINE SELF-NOMINATION FORM (Submit by March 31st*)  
*Please speak with your world language teacher or email Ms. Rodriguez ( with any further questions or concerns.  Once you submit your interest, you will be placed on a list of interested students and will receive further instructions via email.