Parking for Home Athletic Events:  

Parking for all home athletic events is limited to the parking lot in front of the high school. During home football games, Akers Ave. is a "No Parking" zone. There will be limited pedestrian access to the fields and stadium from Akers Avenue. Any cars parked on Akers Avenue during football games will be ticketed by the Montvale Police Department.


There will be no parking in the Board of Education lot during and after school hours. Thank you for your cooperation.
Handicapped parking is available in the main lot in front of the gym or in the Board of Education lot for games on the Akers Ave. fields. Proper permits and stickers/placards required. Handicap parking is available adjacent to, and at field level, when the bleacher section is open and in use for the event. Additionally, Handicap shuttle service is available from the Board of Education parking lot to the lower field level for access to the bleachers. See gate attendant for assistance. 
If you need further assistance, or have questions about handicapped parking and access, please call the main office at 201-358-7020