The world language offerings in the Pascack Valley Regional High School District include French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. Four-year world language sequences are available in French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. Current studies indicate that many colleges and universities require at least three or preferably four years of foreign language study at the high school level. Usually colleges and universities request at least two years of study of one language to meet entrance requirements. Students entering grade 9 will be required to take two years of a world language in order to meet our district's high school graduation requirement.


The method of instruction is a proficiency-based communicative approach, integrating interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational skills. It involves meaningful use of language for “real” communicative purposes.


As part of our on-going inter-district cooperation, efforts are made to continue world language study initiated in the middle schools. Students may be recommended to continue their language study in either our regular college prep program or the honors program. Admission to the Honors Program is based upon a self-nomination process* developed jointly by the Pascack Valley Regional High School District and the sending schools' world language teachers.


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French I, Italian I, Spanish I, & Chinese I

Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

This course is designed for novice students who begin without knowledge of the target language. The emphasis of the course is on real life communication. Students will be given the opportunity to acquire and interact in the language, as it is spoken and written in the target culture. From the beginning, students will compare and contrast the target language and culture with their own, thus developing insights into the nature of language and culture.


French II, Italian II, Spanish II, & Chinese II

Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

 Prerequisite: Successful completion  level I of language

 At Language II levels, the communication skills are reinforced and developed further. There is more concentration on reading and writing. Also included are studies of grammar,vocabulary, and idiom development, as well as some study of the history of the country (countries) whose language is being studied. In cooperation with sending districts that have appropriately articulated programs, sequential work for qualified ninth grade students is considered at this level.



French III, Italian III, Spanish III, & Chinese III

Grades  9, 10, 11, 12

 Prerequisite: Successful completion of level II of language

At Language III levels, there is increased reinforcement and development of communication skills already introduced in Levels I and II. Additional emphasis is placed on the ongoing development of reading and writing skills, as well as more in depth presentations of grammar, vocabulary, and idioms.Students are carefully guided through cultural and historical activities through increased student active usage of the world language under study. Major emphasis is placed upon learning and using the target language in a cultural context.



French IV and V, Italian IV and V, Spanish IV and V, & Chinese IV & V

Grades  9, 10, 11, 12

 Prerequisite: Successful completion of previous level of language

At upper levels, the goals are essentially similar to those of Level III,although a rather high level of ability in the world language is expected. In addition to continued emphasis on communication skills, there is an introduction to literature in the language being studied. Grammar focus in these levels is on the subjunctive mood, as well as additional compound tenses.Review of previously taught linguistic structures, oral recitation, extensive vocabulary and idiom development, and composition are included. Also considered are the contributions of the world county, prominent personalities, government,current events, the arts, music, values, and character traits of the world nation and regions.




Honors Chinese, French, Italian, & Spanish for levels II, III & IV

Grades  9, 10, 11, 12

*Placement by recommendation of teacher and supervisor


The honors program is designed for students who demonstrate a high level of ability in oral and written expression, and who are motivated to achieve an advanced level of proficiency. In the honors program, students will be expected to achieve strong command of the target language, which includes accurate usage of grammatical structures and extensive application of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. Students will be recommended for continuation in the Honors Program by their teacher upon the successful completion of their current course.



Advanced Placement Language French / Spanish / Italian* (to be offered in 2017-18) 

Grade 10, 11, 12

Prerequisite: Honors language sequence, recommendation of teacher and supervisor

An Advanced Placement course is one that may be accepted for college credit at a number of participating colleges and universities upon the student’s successful completion of the College Entrance Examination Board’s Advanced Placement Examination.This could enable students to start their college work in a world language at a more advanced level or to broaden their college experience by pursuing courses in areas that might not otherwise fit into their programs of study. Students are strongly encouraged to take the Advanced Placement Examination. The purpose of the French/Spanish Advanced Placement program is to develop advanced proficiency in the 2nd language for students who have already mastered basic grammar, conversation, and writing. The major emphasis of the course will be the development of speaking and listening skills, with further emphasis on the students’ ability to read and write.


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