9th Grade Honors World History: FAQs

Q: Why wasn't my child placed into honors?

A: The Social Studies Department in conjunction with the Middle Schools developed a process based on grade level assessment for your child to complete. Information about that process was sent home early last year. Information about the process is found on this and the English Department's site. If your child did not achieve honors level in the assessment they were placed into College Preparatory World History for 9th Grade.

Q: My child has excellent grades in Middle School shouldn't that allow for honors placement?

A: While getting excellent grades at the middle level is important it does not factor into the honors process. Social Studies examines the following: The Students take a writing/reading sample that is measured against students at the same grade level. They are also evaluated by their MS Social Studies teacher. This is not a recommendation but an evaluation of the students habits of mind in the classroom. Since not all Middle Schools have the same grading systems, all potential honors students are assessed in this manner to provide for a equal starting point.
 All four sending districts and both High Schools have developed this program to ensure proper placement in Social Studies.

Q: What if my child isn't placed in honors... Are they limited to the CP level for all of High School.

A: No, if your child shows great promise a level change can be completed after the initial placement i.e. 10th grade Social Studies Honors.

Q: My child applied for the program .... Why isn't she in?

A: To be placed into the program each student must reach a specific threshold on our scoring rubric. If not they are placed in the CP level course.