Student Records

The Pascack Valley Regional High School District shall conform in all respects to the requirements of state and federal law regarding gathering, maintaining, and allowing accessibility to pupil records.

The superintendent shall formulate administrative procedures to guarantee the safety and security of pupil records, and to provide authorized persons and organizations access to these records at a convenient time and place within the limits stipulated by law.  It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to keep abreast of all changes in state and federal regulations.

In addition to those records designated as mandated by the state, the board of education requires that the following records be kept for each pupil in addition to (or as expansions of) the mandated records:

a. Test (All standardized test scores will become part of a student's permanent record  with exception of sophomore PSAT/NMSQT test results unless a three-year graduate.) data sheet and other authenticated standardized evaluations.
b. Teacher survey on pupil progress.
c. Registration forms.
d. Final report card for each school year.
e. Subject and selection sheets and record of change of courses.
f.  Drop/add form - original or copy.
Correspondence pertaining to pupil (original or copy) between district schools and each
    pupil, his/her parents/guardians and such other correspondence as shall promote the
    educational welfare of the pupil.
h. Referral forms to special services.
i.  Final failure notice and/or guidance contact records.
j.  Grade change form.
k. Discipline referral form (from teacher to administration) and copies of suspension notices.
l.  Elementary school records containing only mandated data.

It shall be the policy of the board of education to review the list of permitted records annually at the organizational meeting.

Access to Student Records:
Parents/guardians shall be notified at least annually of their rights in regard to pupil records and have access to copies of the applicable state and federal laws and local policies available upon request.  Such notification shall be in the language of the parent/guardian.  Should the parental rights of one or the other natural or adoptive parent be terminated by a court of appropriate jurisdiction, it is the responsibility of the person/agency having legal custody to notify the district that the right to review pupil records should be denied to the person whose rights have been terminated.

A non-adult pupil may assert rights of access only through his/her parent/guardian.  However, guidance or child study team personnel, at their discretion, may disclose pupil records to non-adult pupils; or to appropriate persons in connection with an emergency, if such knowledge is necessary to protect the health or safety of the pupil or other persons.

The parent/guardian shall either have access or be specifically informed about only that portion of another pupil's record that contains information about his/her own child.