Schedule & Course Change Policy

The course schedule distributed to each student at the beginning of the semester expresses the results of a prior planning process shaped by the student’s educational needs, interests, and desires.  During that process, school counselors and other personnel provided guidance to students and their parents so that individual choices were informed by an awareness of available options and the longer range impact of course elections.  The results of this process were then used to build the master schedule, balance class sections, and equalize teaching loads. In sum, the scheduling process is designed to achieve the following goals:

1.   to encourage students to undertake a challenging and balanced program of study that widens their life options;

2.   to help students make and abide by informed decisions that serve their educational interests;

3.   to enable the school to make full use of available human resources.

Students sometimes seek schedule changes after the semester begins.  To minimize the problems that result from inappropriate student-initiated change requests, the following procedures will be implemented:

1.      During the first five days of the new semester, the Guidance Department will attempt to quickly resolve requests that reflect the following:

      a.  A scheduling error resulting in an incomplete or inaccurate program (example: no lunch, wrong course); 

      b.  Changes warranted by summer school makeup;

      c.  Course addition(s) that do not require course drops and/or “4 for 1” class change;

d.  Previous failure or noted conflict between student and assigned teacher;

      e.  Level changes initiated by the Supervisor of Instruction.

Only requests that reflect these circumstances will be processed during the first five days of the new semester.

2.      After the first five days of the new semester and through the end of the third week of the new semester, the Guidance Department will meet with students to consider additional kinds of scheduled change requests.  In petitioning for a change, students should be prepared to discuss why the results of the planning process are no longer appropriate.  Students are advised that personal convenience and/or preference do not per se justify a change.  Changes that would not be considered:

                      • Teacher preference;

                      • Lunch considerations;

                      • A desire to leave school before 8th period;

                      • An interest in joining friends in particular class;

                      • Or any combination of the above.

3.      Unless there are unusual or exceptional circumstances, or unless it is deemed in the student’s best interest, no student-initiated schedule changes (with the exception of course withdrawals as discussed below) will be processed after the third week of the semester.

4.      Any change in a student’s program must have parent’s written permission if the student is under 18 years of age.

5.      If a student wishes to withdraw from a course, he/she has until the end of the first marking period for a full year course, and until the first progress report for a semester course.  If these deadlines are met, no mention of the withdrawal will appear on student’s permanent report card.  Any student withdrawing from a course at the end of the first marking period will not be considered for Honor Roll status for that marking period or year-end certificate.

6.      Any and all level changes require the approval of the department supervisor.

7.      If a student withdraws from a course after the first marking period he/she will receive a W/P or W/F.  The W/P or W/F is automatically maintained on the report card until the end of the school year.  At this time it will be entered on the permanent report card as a W/P or W/F with no credit indicated.

When a student changes from one course into another, he/she will be given a full year’s credit for the new course upon satisfactory completion of course requirements.  At the discretion of the teacher, grades for the previous course may be taken into account for the final grade.  If a teacher is unable to arrive at a final grade, the administration will so determine it.