Honors Placement Information for 2017-2018
The courses for the ninth grade honors programs are designed to meet the needs of the highly able student who has superior ability, a mastery of skills, high self-motivation, and a strong desire to be challenged in a given specific content area. There are links below to each specific subject area.


Honors students are expected to maintain a high level of academic interest, demonstrate a sophisticated level of critical thinking, and be self-motivated learners and generators of academic materials. Students will be required to write frequently and extensively, completing assignments that emphasize analysis, creativity, and the ability to engage in critical evaluation.  Honors students complete weekly and longer term assignments and many of these are done independently or collaboratively with other students in their classes.
Information for the incoming Class of 2021 is now available through the links below.
Information on Honors English and Social Studies (combined)
Rubrics for teachers of students coming from private or other schools: 
Information on Honors Mathematics
          9th Grade Honors Mathematics Placement        
Information on Honors Science
Information on Honors World Languages