• Special Education Parent Advisory Committee Members:

    Susan Lorentsen

    Eileen Milacek

    Mary Jane Mirkovic

    Donna Skoog

    Alia Suqi

    Mission Statement     

    The Pascack Valley Regional High School District's (P.V.R.H.S.D.) Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC) is a positive, solution-oriented group focused on being a resource for parents and guardians of students with special needs. SEPAC provides a forum for parents, guardians, students and the district's Department of Special Services to share information and discuss matters of relative interest and concern regarding our students.

    This forum will enable its participants to share information and discuss pertinent issues to develop, maintain, and share tools and resources, and to raise awareness of students with special needs. Specifically, SEPAC will:

    •         provide direct input on the policies, programs and practices that impact services and support students with special needs and their families;
    •         increase the involvement of families of children with special needs in making recommendations on special education policy; 
    •         advise on matters that pertain to the education, health and safety of students with special needs; and 
    •         advise to enhance services to students with special needs.

    How We Implement Our Mission

    SEPAC will work collaboratively with the Department of Special Services to provide support and information to parents, school personnel, and the community about the special education process.

    SEPAC accomplishes this through regular meetings, workshops, presentations, and special events.